We are a small craft distillery located in the heart of the Central Coast of California.


Rambling Spirits is a distillery, bar, and restaurant born from its founders’ love for California. Jon Carpenter and his wife, Ariette, wanted to present something that is more than just a distillery – the Rambling Spirits project is an ode to their home state and its people. The project will celebrate the small pauses we take to wander around and appreciate our surroundings, whether while surfing, hiking, or simply enjoying the moment (with a drink in hand) after a hard day of work.

Imagined and built by brazen beverage veterans, Rambling Spirits aims to distill spirits inspired (and sourced) by its surroundings: the rolling waves, grand morros full with edible vegetation, and the hard working people out on the land everyday. Rambling Spirits is the celebration of coming back home exhausted from a dogged pursuit of your craft (whatever your craft is) and raising a glass to it.

Rambling Spirits is based on the idea that craftsmanship is a day to day practice. The aim of perpetual improvement and challenging each member of the team to get out of their comfort zone and grow. Craftsmanship can’t be faked, it can only be obtained by constant motion and effort.


get to know the team and enjoy a drink or something else.